Baby Toons are the youngest animation group, age 2-5. These workshops are run in Nurseries and Early Years settings. The children take part in colouring, basic drawing, voice recording and basic animation. The animations can be designed to suit any topic, relative to your curriculum. See Early Years for more information.

"Fantastic workshop, a great experience and new approach to learning. The children watched it over and over again, identifying their pictures and voices" - Nursery Teacher


Animaniacs Animation Group is for age 5-11. The children are able to use the animation equipment independently. They have the opportunity to design characters and sets and make creative decisions  for themselves and their peers. For more information look at our Primary Schools page.

"Animation Club is really cool, I will sign up every term" (pupil)


Screenagers Animation Group is for age 11-19 (mainly Secondary Schools and Youth Clubs) Teenagers are able to express themselves through art and combine their own talents, whether it is singing, poetry, rapping etc. They are able to animate teen issues on growing up,  peer pressure, bullying, crime, and many more.

"It was motivating and released my creative side". I was able to work as a team to produce a great animation. Look forward to doing more" (Student)


Older and Bolder are workshops for adults. (mainly age 50+). They enjoy reminiscing on the past creating their own black/white and colour movies. Great for brain function and memory, amazing way to socialise and try something new. This is a short movie produced by Slough Age Concern. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the rotary phone and make comparisons to the new smart phones. Great Fun working with you all!

"We had such fun. A unique workshop" (participant- Age Concern)